Holly A Christmas Tale

Holly A Christmas Tale 7.3

A Christmas Tale will put you in the holiday spirit as you scour over 25 scenes
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Holly a Christmas Tale is a colorful puzzle game with a Christmas atmosphere. At the beginning, the game will display a pretty map of a village with several houses. Holly will have to visit each of these houses and after each site has been completed it will become illuminated. The objective of this game is to collect the things we're told to look for; in the first level for example, we're instructed to collect all objects except toys.

After you complete the main task, the game will display the same area, with the difference that now a list will be given to Holly, which is displayed on the left side of the screen along with a clock with a limit of eleven minutes. The difficulty of this game is that objects are well hidden, and if you make too many clicks in the wrong places it will begin to deduct time from the clock. You can get a hint if you can find three gold pieces which are hidden in the level.

In the options menu you can configure the sound and music and set the game to full-screen mode. This game is very entertaining as it helps children to think more and also learn new words; it has great graphics and very nice music in the background.

Abigail Diaz
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  • It has very nice graphics
  • Good background music
  • Can be used to improve concentration in children


  • Requires a fast PC
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